Derek TP is a professional web developer and IT Consultant with over 40 years' commercial experience. Working as a freelancer since 1995, he's built up a portfolio of customer websites, and also a wide range of demos, personal sites and associated tools.

Small Office Solutions Ltd Derek's company website
Nascot Wood Bees Beekeeping + Bees blog
Sharing Stories for Wellbeing A simple, effective way to improve self esteem and wellbeing whilst also creating a legacy for future generations.
Sticktalk Email-based newsgroup and online photos, events, glossary and culture list for stick insects
Lockdown Hunt A virtual online Treasure Hunt using Google Streetview, with rhyming riddles and quirky observations; currently set to just Swanage Carnival 2020, but with a number of other locations coming soon
Swanage Carnival 2019 Solutions and observations for the Swanage Carnival 2019 treasure hunt
Swanage Carnival 2022 Solutions and observations for the Swanage Carnival 2022 treasure hunt
Demo vehicle logistics application Custom vehicle movements management tool; login required
Codeproject Demo pages supporting DerekTP's articles / tips on Code Project
MoneyTree Demo site for highly-customisable personal finance marketing site for client
Protected4U Demo site for gadget insurance site for client May Restoration - project to restore Fowler diesel shunter 4210132 Ancestry site for Tylden-Pattenson
Air traffic control sim Enhancements to Jay's ATC sim with added features
GPO Markers A site dedicated to cast iron GPO marker posts... yes, really.
Derek TP on Flickr Railways and a few other bits on photo sharing site Flickr
Derek TP on LinkedIn Derek's professional profile on LinkedIn
...and Facebook Derek's Facebook page
Twitter! Derek's Twitter account