This is NOT Jay's site, please see www.atc-sim.com for his site!

What is this, then?

This is an introduction to some enhancements that Derek TP, an independent software developer and fan of Jay's simulation, has made to that game.

These were originally built for my own amusement only and to address some of the small shortcomings of Jay's game, but I share them here to get feedback on them. It may be that in time and with Jay's support we can integrate some of these changes back into the main game.

In the meantime, the enhancements can be played here as an addition to the free version of the simulation, but playing Chicago O'Hare only.

For now, the enhancements over the base game include the following: (my reasoning for each enhancement is given in italics)

Future enhancements will include a "settings" panel that can be brought up during gameplay (automatically pausing it of course) that will allow you to toggle some of these features on/off (the mouse-over highlights for example), plus control some of the "predefined" settings such as frequency of wind change, frequency of new flights, plus display more detailed stats (including for instance average/max departure wait times).

Then there are the old chestnuts of support for "chained" commands (i.e. including height and direction in a single command, and/or setting a series of waypoints to follow); plus additional work on eliminating unavoidable conflicts due to new arrivals appearing in each others' path etc.

To Jay - thank you for your fantastic work on this simulator. An ATC sim was one of the very first games I wrote for my first "micro computer" back in the early 1980s, and so was delighted to find you'd built an updated version for the web.

So, to put all this into action (remember this is just my enhanced version, Chicago only)